Rental Guarantee

Most of the buyers of international real estate (in our experience – about 90%) – are investors. And they chose to invest in overseas property not because they are specialists in real estate, as construction, economists, or rental specialists. The overwhelming majority of international real estate buyers acquired it only because real estate is the simplest and most understandable investment tool, and international real estate simply avoids the risks associated with the main country of residence.

What is the best way to invest in real estate to get regular income?

In today’s world, investing in real estate does not necessarily mean buying an apartment for independent (or through an agent) rental. Even so, the purchase of real estate for self-management is definitely not the best way to invest in real estate.

Now you can buy real estate, which is managed by hotel companies, professionals in their field.

When you buy a restaurant, you are not going to cook by yourself, serve a client, make a menu, count accounting and so on? No, you hire a professional manager, and even better (if you are just interested in profits), you give your restaurant to the management of some professional international restaurant chain and pay it a part of the profits.

Professional hotel brands find your customers

Also with real estate. You absolutely do not need to search for clients for rent. It is easier to immediately purchase a property that is managed by some hotel brand. Then you do not need to think about how to look for customers and where it is cheaper to find an electrician if the air conditioner breaks down. All problems fall on the shoulders of the hotel company. You just get a monthly passive income (often even fixed). Exactly what you needed initially – to invest and get money.

You’ll struggle to compete on your own

Moreover, a private investor, managing their own real estate, can never reach the same level of profitability and load as professional hotel brands – you cannot work with tour operators, there is no experience in optimizing service costs, there is no own restaurant, which brings additional profit, and many other nuances.

This type of investment is offered in projects that are managed by various hotel brands – Ramada, Best Western, Amari and others.

Things to consider

Bearing in mind that the main goal for our clients is investment and profitability, we are working towards finding the most optimal products (price / risk ratio) to achieve this goal. And we do not limit ourselves only to classic real estate.

The bottom line

The bottom line, it is important not to forget that it is investments and profitability that are the main goals of the investor, and not the real estate itself (walls and furniture). That is, the real estate itself is of very few people interested and not needed if it does not bring regular income.

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