Effective Financial Management

Providing alternative investments
throughout South East Asia.

Invest in products backed by real estate offering guaranteed fixed returns.


We are a team of financial experts engaged in development of smart investment solutions which benefits over long term

In current market conditions there is a very strong demand for reliable investment projects:

  • Banks have already lost their reputation of a reliable partner to save ones capital.
  • Residential and commercial real estate have proven to be very difficult to manage in order to provide a decent return.
  • Securities markets require a lot of time and knowledge to make a sound decision about profitable investments.

In the modern world, there is no shortage of investment capital. Finding a reliable investment product is indeed a top priority nowadays!

That is exactly why you asked yourself: “Where should I invest my savings?” Our goal is to offer you a choice of investment products that would be reliable and at the same time provide an attractive return.

Real Estate with Rental Guarantee

Rental Guarantee Investment Products. You own the property that is under the management of a hotel company, so you don’t need to look for tenants or worry about the maintenance.

What makes our investments so safe?

We only offer investments that are back by real estate and provide regular returns

Property backed investments

All of our investments are backed by properties – the safest investment tool.

Working with global brands

Due diligence and valuations by KPMG and CBRE

Investment Plans

Find an investment that meets your goals

Rental Guarantee

Regular Return

3-5-10-15-20 Years


Interest paid monthly or quarterly.

Guaranteed buy-back

Capital Gain

3-5-10-15-20 Years

Up To 110%

Guaranteed capital return at the end of the term.

Turnkey Investment

Regular Return

30 Years

Up To 8% 

Interest paid quarterly for 30 years.

Why should you invest?

An investment that meets YOUR goals

Regular returns or capital gain, fixed returns or profit share – no matter what’s your investment goal, we believe we have an investment that meets your goals.

Proven returns with asset-backed security

100% track record – all our investments are backed by real estate and all investors paid on time, every time.

NO FEES No fees = aligned interests

There are no charges, no setup costs, no management fees and no hidden costs. You know exactly how much you will be getting on your account.


Dedicated relationship manager

After your investment is made you are not left on your own. You will be allocated a Dedicated Relationship Manager, a single point of contact that knows you and can assist as needed

Invest as little or as much as you want

You can invest from as little as $30,000.

Flexible Payment Options

Option to receive returns monthly, quarterly or annually with our regular return investments.

For more information on our products – security, return and investment process – please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer most common questions and cover all topics. However, if you still have questions – please contact us.

Ask us anything

If you don’t see your question answered please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How is my investment secured?

The majority of our standard investment products are secured by real estate assets.
Some investments are pure real estate in the sense that the investor owns the property outright, while other forms of investments use other people’s assets as collateral to secure loans etc.

In the later, the assets are professionaly valued and the loans are only taken out at a safe and reasonable loan to value.

Do I need to come in person to make investment?
If you are investing in real estate with a view to taking possession at a later stage then a visit to the area and the project would be desired by most investors as per the financial management strategy.

If opting for other style of investment, then a visit is not usually necessary as the due diligence has already been carried out by our financial advisors. The investments and financial services are structured by absolute professional financial management and investment management companies.

All information is presented to be able to make a confident decision. This can be processed online or of course you are welcome to visit us in person at our offices if you prefer.

If I invest in a Regular Return product, what happens if my monthly payments stop?
Investors in a regular return investment have their investment secured against a tangible asset.
If the provider of the bond/loan note defaults, then the asset can be sold and the funds returned to the investor – exactly the same as a bank and a mortgage.

This is all set up with professional law firms as part of the investment and financial management structure.

Is my return taxable?
Most forms of income all over the world are subject to taxation.

The specific details of taxation will differ depending upon your country of residence for tax purposes, your personal investment and income situation, and of course the structure and country where you invest.

We cannot give a standard ‘one size fits all’ answer and suggest you to consult personal tax advise specific to your chosen investment.

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