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Kamala Bay Ocean View Cottages

Kamala Bay Ocean View Cottages are known for their stunning views of the Andaman sea and tropical gardens in a large hillside hotel complex. It is here that the most expensive and exclusive resorts in Phuket.

Cottages Kamala Bay overlooking the ocean is a cottage with one bedroom with area of 65 sqm living room, fully equipped kitchen and a Jacuzzi on the terrace. All rooms have a magnificent view of the Bay of Kamala beach.

Finishing from natural materials and laconic design will allow you to enjoy the surrounding beauty and tropical holidays.

7% Fixed

Per Annum


Hidden Costs

Buy Back



Paid in advance
  • Ownership : Protected Leasehold with 7% NET guarantee yield for 15 years
  • Property Type : Sea View Cottages
  • Plot Size : 103,972 m2
  • Number of Cottages: 300
  • Completion date: 2022
  • Layout : 65 m2 and 75 m2, 1 bedroom
  • Style : Tropical/Contemporary
  • Kitchen : Open plan kitchen
  • Living Room : Open plan living and dining area
  • Swimming Pool : Private sea-view balcony pools and Private sea-view balcony jacuzzis
  • Balcony : private
  • Views : Panoramic Sea View and Landscape Garden / Mountain View
  • Distance from the beach: 100mt

Receive 7% NET Fixed Returns

Awesome Location

The proximity to the developed infrastructure of Patong with an abundance of supermarkets, bars and restaurants makes this area even more attractive, without losing its overall aura of tranquility.

Investor Benefits

Once completed in 2020, the benefits of owning Kamala Bay Ocean View cottages include the use of all cottage amenities, including a communal pool, gym, Spa, restaurants and cafes, and a clubhouse.

Pisona Group Projects in Phuket

Patong Bay Ocean View Cottage

Patong Bay Ocean View Cottage is located on a stunning plot on the outskirts of Patong Bay Just the location around the tropical vegetation overlooking the ocean makes you take a closer look at these houses. Private and safe cottages are located a short distance from the semi-private beach and all the amenities that Phuket can offer, where a large number of shops, local markets, restaurants and bars are presented.

Kamala Bay Ocean View Cottages

All rooms have a magnificent view of the Bay of Kamala beach. Finishing from natural materials and laconic design will allow you to enjoy the surrounding beauty and tropical holidays. The proximity to the developed infrastructure of Patong with an abundance of supermarkets, bars and restaurants makes this area even more attractive, without losing its overall aura of tranquility.

Patong Bay Sea View Residence

A unique project located on the outskirts of Patong Bay. The project, one of a kind, consists of three-story townhouses and villas in the territory of one of the largest hotel complexes in Phuket. Modern design and architecture of houses, spacious, bright space of interiors.

Naka Sea View Condominium

Naka Sea View condominium is located in the tropics of Nakalai Bay, where serenity and comfort reign. Why so? Luxury apartments are located in the most deserted place near the amazing white and calm from the tourist beach of Naka. Naka beach is considered one of the best in Phuket with turquoise water and soft sand for baby powder. The Kamala hills surround the complex with lush vegetation and tall palm trees.

Patong Bay Residence 3

Fully finished residence located in the heart of Patong, in the area of ​​entertainment and tourism. After all, Bangla Road (the best street for unrestrained entertainment filled with restaurants, bars and nightclubs) is very close, which means stormy and unforgettable nights are included in the mandatory program. 10-minute walk from the famous Patong beach with its white sand and clear water increase the desire to buy real estate here. In this condominium of 114 luxury apartments, you will definitely find the one that suits your needs!

Villa Neptune

Villa Neptune is designed to the highest quality standards on a large hilltop in the main suburb of Chalong Bay. The villa offers breathtaking views of the entire bay, exotic landscapes and the enchanting sunsets of Phuket. This Art Nouveau villa is located a short drive from the beaches of Nai Harn, Kata and Patong, which are rightfully considered the top 3 beaches in Phuket.

The Bay and Beach Club

The Bay and Beach Club is an absolutely unique center of entertainment and luxury in the heart of Patong on the Andaman coast, which will be built like a hotel. An elite resort and a private residence – the perfect combination in Phuket. In the center of the villas is a delightful pool with palm trees. Imagine a cozy apartment overlooking a small island.

Kata Ocean View Residence

If you are looking for a modern stylish apartment in Phuket, you can be sure that we have exactly what you are looking for. Kata Ocean View Condominiums are located in southern Phuket. All rental apartments are fully equipped with all necessary amenities so that guests can fully accommodate during their stay.

Patong Bay Hill

The Patong Bay Hill project is one of the largest at the Pisona Group! Tropical Modern Resort is located on Nanai Hill, famous for its breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. Strategically located in the tourist center of Phuket – Patong, in a private valley just 5 minutes from the party life and all the entertainment that Thailand has to offer.

Patong Bay Hill Phase 2

The second phase of construction of the Patong Bay Hill complex will consist of 4 buildings and 199 apartments with 1 pool in the center of the buildings and 1 rooftop pool. All apartments are 45 square meters with one bedroom in Art Nouveau style. The apartments overlooking the pool and garden are fully furnished, including kitchen and appliances.

Paradise Beach Residence

Paradise Beach is a completely secluded resort in the middle of a rainforest. The complex itself creates the illusion of a desert island, where only you and your loved ones are surrounded by lush vegetation. The residence does not want to be left, thanks to various recreational activities that are available 24/7, including scuba diving, kayaking, volleyball, and rowing.

Kata Cove

Kata Cove, a complex of three villas, is located on the southwestern coast of Phuket, where one of the most peaceful beaches is nearby, without the noise and crowds of tourists. The slope of Kata Mountain will elevate the complex, thereby opening a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea.

Investment Summary

7% Fixed Returns per Annum

No Additional Costs

No utility bills or payment for maintenance and repair of housing and territory for 15 years.

Buy Back Option

A Buy Back Option is possible after 10 and 15 years from the date of purchase at the original price.

Extended Rental Guarantee Opportunity

After 15 years, the extension of the guaranteed rental agreement is possible.

Start Investing Today

Receive NET Returns of 7% Assured