$100k a Day: Philippines opens Most Expensive Resort in the World!

Sep 16, 2019 | Latest News

Banwa Private Island was recently opened on an island in the Palawan archipelago, occupying it fully. The Palawan area is also considered by environmentalists as one of the cleanest in the world and not touched by mass tourism.

Due to the remoteness of the island, you can only reach it by air from Manila. A helicopter for five people can be reached for 11.6 thousand dollars or a seaplane for nine seats for 990 dollars.

In Asia Consulting Article - Philippines opens Most Expensive Resort in the World

“The island can only host 48 guests at a time”

An ideal place for politicians or Hollywood celebrities. Neither greedy paparazzi, nor annoying fans shouting: “Dude, I love you, let’s take a selfie.”

In total, the island can accommodate up to 48 people. The minimum stay is three to five nights, depending on the time of year.

Each villa has its own pool and jacuzzi, stained-glass windows from floor to ceiling. Just imagine: you open your eyes in the morning, and in front of you is the turquoise sea of ​​Sula, fluffy clouds, tropical plants and colorful parrots chirping in different ways.

Go to the beach, and there in the snow-white sand with a couple of huge sea turtles among coconut trees.

Philippines is one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling. Tennis, golf, pilates or yoga. Go fishing on jet skis and catamarans, go to the spa.

Or take a boat ride to nearby rivers, on the banks of which there are mangroves. There is a special service at the hotel: book a helicopter to check out one of the new natural wonders of UNESCO – the underground river and the national park.

And some of the best chefs in the world work there. Every day, the menu includes dishes from vegetables and fruits from an organic farm, as well as from fish caught a couple of hours ago in the bay. In addition, the resort makes its own honey. And they offer premium wines worth about 30k USD.

In general, the most expensive hotels in the Philippines are famous for three following points: location, quality and impeccable service.

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