Phuket Thailand: The Island of Leisure and Investment

Nov 22, 2019 | Investing, Latest News

The real estate market of the island of Phuket in Thailand is attractive for buyers with completely different goals: an ideal “tropical” vacation or profitable rental of your own villa or apartment; developers offer profitable schemes for investment objects, and profits can significantly exceed the average European indicators.

One of the best beaches in the region and well-developed infrastructure allows you to comfortably relax and live on the island. Of course, this attracts investors from around the world who want to buy real estate on a paradise island, so the demand for real estate is always high and only grows every year. At the moment, most developers offer hotel-type investment property: with management programs that allow investors to receive high income from invested funds with minimal effort. The trend in the construction of hotel-type investment real estate began several years ago, and continues to this day.

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Why Phuket?

  • The tourist season in Phuket is eight months, from April to May, which is much longer compared to European destinations. The island has a wonderful weather, and real estate is in high demand for rent. This allows developers to offer a guaranteed high rate of return on investment, and investors to receive a consistently high income.
  • The undoubted advantage of Phuket is its luxurious beaches, some of the best in Southeast Asia. In addition, tourists are attracted by the wonderful climate, the warm sea all year round, delicious local cuisine, tropical fruits, fresh seafood, a wide selection of excursions and entertainment.
  • Today, almost all new projects offer their customers guarantees on the return on investment between 5% and 10% per annum. This is very beneficial for buyers, since the developer takes care of all the troubles associated with finding tenants and servicing real estate. Investors, in turn, make a profit from the invested funds without incurring responsibility such as the need to manage their own “tropical” real estate.
  • Another advantage of investing in Phuket is the presence of a large international airport, which receives a large number of flights from around the world, and passenger traffic is growing from year to year. From here you can easily travel to Asia and the whole world!
  • Holidays with children will be excellent on the beaches of Phuket. Phuket has a unique geographic location near the equator, giving the island a mild tropical climate. Despite the fact that the island is located in the Andaman Sea, which, in turn, is part of the Indian Ocean, most of the time the sea is very calm, there are practically no waves on it, and a beach holiday here is a real pleasure.
  • In Thailand, there is no property tax: taxes are paid only when making a sales and purchase transaction, unlike many other countries. At the same time, real estate support and utility bills are much lower than in many countries of the world.


The prospect of this resort opens up opportunities for the development of infrastructure. The authorities pay great attention to the development of transport, it is planned to build a surface metro. Already today, new roads, tunnels, large shopping complexes are being built in different areas of the island, beach clubs and restaurants are opening. All this helps to increase the attractiveness of Phuket for tourists and has a positive impact on the real estate market. The island has an excellent water park, dolphinarium, botanical garden, adventure parks, Siam Niramit and Fantasea shows. Travel agencies offer a large selection of excursions (both marine and to nearby provinces) and much more. It also attracts more tourists to Phuket and has a positive effect on the real estate market.

Foreign demand

Most of the foreign buyers of real estate in Phuket today are Chinese citizens. There are also many investors from France, Italy, Australia, Scandinavian countries. In recent years, US citizens have begun to show interest in the real estate market. Most foreigners are focused on buying real estate with a guarantee of return on investment, and usually their choice does not depend on the area of ​​the island. The main criteria are the proximity to the beach, the reliability of the developer and the uniqueness of the project.

Holiday Destinations

The most popular tourist areas are in the western part of the island – Nai Harn, Kata, Kata Noi, Karon, Patong and Bangtao. Their popularity is due to the large selection of both expensive and budget hotels within walking distance to the beach. The “package” tourists who first come to Phuket most often come here. And, having fallen in love with the island, they always return.

The Kamala beach area is actively developing today, elite residential complexes such as Montazure are being built here, world-class beach clubs, for example, Café Del Mar, are opening. In the near future, Kamala may become one of the most respectable areas of Phuket.

In turn, Bang Tao Beach has always been known as one of the most elite areas of Phuket, due to four- and five-star hotels located on the coast, as well as thanks to the elite village of Laguna with well-groomed territory and good internal infrastructure. In addition to luxury hotels, on the shore of Bang Tao Beach there are well-known beach clubs: Catch beach club, Xana beach club, Dream beach club. And here are the best restaurants in Phuket.

If your plan is to live in Phuket permanently, then the areas of Chalong, Kathu and Koh Kheu will certainly be interesting. Here you can always find inexpensive housing for rent, there is a well-developed infrastructure, hospitals, international schools, large shopping complexes. The downside is their remoteness from the sea. As an investment, these areas are attractive for renting out your properties.

Attractive shopping areas

As an investment, it is worth buying property within walking distance to the beach, in the most popular tourist areas of Phuket. Experts note that the Karon and Kata districts are very interesting from this point of view. A large number of coastal hotels attract an impressive number of tourists. And it is here that they return in the future. Therefore, the demand for rental property in these areas is consistently high.

Of interest for investment are also the areas of Kamala, Surin and Bang Tao. Today, many new complexes of villas and apartments are being built or planned to be built within walking distance to the beach, in different price segments. This means that customers will be able to choose the best option that best suits their goals.

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